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What is Ezicover Insurance?

Ezicover is Zurich's range of "do it yourself" life insurance products. It’s a quick and simple way to help you get the financial security you want for you and your loved ones.

How do I apply for Ezicover?

It's quick and simple to get a quote for and apply for an Ezicover product. You can apply online at any time or contact us on 1800 394 268.

Why should I consider Ezicover Insurance?

The Ezicover range of life insurance solutions is brought to you by Zurich Australia Limited (Zurich), a member of the Swiss-based worldwide Zurich Insurance Group. The Zurich Insurance Group is one of the world’s largest insurance based financial services insurance groups, and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis. Zurich has been providing services to Australians for more than 60 years.

Ezicover has been designed to provide easy to understand insurance options that, based on the level of cover selected, can help provide financial security for you and your loved ones at all stages of your life.

Ezicover Life Insurance is designed for people with financial dependants or loved ones, who have or expect to have outstanding financial commitments (such as a mortgage, school fees, medical expenses and living expenses) that will not be satisfied or able to be paid in the event of their death or terminal illness. It is also important that people who take out a policy understand that premiums increase with age and expect to be able; to continue to pay premiums for the timeframe they require the insurance.

Ezicover Income Protection is designed for people who have or expect to have financial commitments (such as a mortgage, school fees, medical expenses and living expenses) that they would be unable to pay in the event they could not work and earn an income due to sickness or illness. It is also important that people who take out a policy understand that premiums increase with age and expect to be able to continue to pay premiums for the timeframe they require the insurance.

I'm healthy. Why would I need life insurance now?

Carrying the extra risk when you are young is an option but when you have family and commitments it’s a different consideration. You can get cover at a lower rate when you are healthy with low or no medical requirements. This changes with age, stress and your own medical history. You may no longer be eligible for the cover later when you "need it".

I'm self-employed, do I need insurance?

Self-employed people face similar needs in many instances to employed people - with a few additional challenges. Self-employed people may have business partners, personal guarantees on business loans as well as the standard mortgage and dependents to consider. In addition, many self-employed people will find that their superannuation fund may not provide insurance.

Questions about premiums

How do you calculate Ezicover premiums?

Depending on the product, the following criteria may be used when calculating Ezicover premiums:

  • type of cover
  • level of cover and options
  • age
  • gender
  • smoking status
  • occupation
  • health
  • pastimes
  • eligible discounts
  • government charges and stamp duty

Generally, as you get older, your premium will increase. We calculate your premium based on your age when you apply for Ezicover products. We re-calculate your premium at each policy anniversary date after your policy commencement date. If you would like an indication of how your premiums will increase in the future, you can alter your date of birth in the quote generator or call us on 1800 394 268 to obtain a 5-year premium projection.

How can I pay for my Ezicover policy?

You can pay your premiums monthly by direct debit from a bank account or credit card. If you wish to pay annually, you can pay by direct debit or BPAY. Your financial institution may charge you an extra fee for direct debits.

Are my premiums guaranteed?

Premium rates are not guaranteed and can change from time to time. Any change, however, will affect all policies in the same category, not just an individual policy.

Who receives the benefit payments for my Ezicover policy?

Depending on which Ezicover policy you have, benefits are payable to you or your estate.

If you want the benefits to be paid to one or more beneficiaries nominated by you, you can contact us to set up a nomination.

Questions about Ezicover policies

When does my cover begin?

Your cover begins when we accept your application and issue you a policy document, which will have the start date of your policy.

Am I covered if I go overseas?

Your Ezicover policy provides you with cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide. For Ezicover Income Protection, this excludes countries outside Australia if the Australian government has advised against travel to that country at the time of starting the trip. Visit for more information.

Is there a cooling off period?

If after receiving your Policy document you wish to cancel for any reason, you have 30 days to do so. Any premiums or charges paid will be fully refunded (unless you have made a claim). To cancel your policy, please contact the Zurich Customer Care team.

Can I suspend my cover without needing to re-apply later?

Yes. If your policy has been continuously in-force for at least 12 months, the Cover suspension feature allows you to put your cover on hold for a chosen period up to 12 months, during which time there is no cover, and you can’t make a claim for an event that occurs. The benefit of this feature is that you can stop your premium payments for a period of time to reduce financial pressure and cover will resume without having to reapply. See the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for full details of the Cover suspension feature.

Do I need to have a medical examination?

No medical examinations or tests are required at the time of the application. In the event of a claim, as part of our assessment process, we may require additional evidence or we may do a full review of your medical records.

What happens if I don’t pay my premium?

If you miss a premium payment, we may try to debit your nominated bank account or credit card a second time. If this is unsuccessful, we will contact you about how you can pay your outstanding premiums.

If you do not pay the missed premium, we may cancel your policy. If we decide to cancel your policy for non-payment of premium, we will write to you and provide you with the opportunity to pay the premium before we do so

If you do not pay the missed premium and a claim arises after your policy is cancelled, we may refuse to pay your claim.

How do I make a claim?

Get in touch with us to make a claim. Follow these steps:

We will tell you or your representative if we need more information.

What happens if I have a complaint about my policy?

We value your feedback and we're committed to ensuring we work with you to resolve your concerns.

Our Customer Care Team is your first point of contact for raising complaints or providing feedback. You can contact us directly via phone, email or in writing and we'll do our best to resolve your issue fairly, respectfully and efficiently, and will keep you informed of our progress.

Phone: 1800 025 015
weekdays 8:30am to 7:00pm AEST (Friday 8:30-5:30pm)


Customer Portal:

Zurich Customer Care
Locked Bag 994
North Sydney NSW 2059

If you're not satisfied with the response to your complaint, your concerns will be escalated to our Dispute Resolution Team. Our specialists will work closely with you to find a solution quickly and amicably. If you're not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you can have your complaint reviewed free of charge by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), an external dispute resolution scheme.

Before AFCA can investigate your complaint, they generally require you to have first given us the opportunity to resolve it. AFCA provides fair and independent complaint resolution service. Contact details for AFCA are as follows:

Phone: 1800 931 678
Australian Financial Complaints Authority
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001

Please note there are time limits for lodging a dispute with AFCA, which are available by contacting AFCA.