Death and Terminal Illness

Living with a terminal illness comes with a lot of stress, which  can be compounded by financial pressure. Receiving an early claim payment can relieve this financial stress and allow the claimant to spend quality time with their loved ones with one  less thing to worry about.


Alan’s Terminal Illness Claim Story

In the early 90’s my financial adviser suggested that I get life insurance, I thought it made sense if something happens to me I want the family to be ok as was the sole provider. One year off my retirement and I get the diagnosis of advanced metastatic prostate cancer, as it was in the bones, it was too late for treatment of any kind.

I called my adviser to see where I stood with my cover and policy, shortly after the Zurich team contacted me and kept me in the loop right through the claims process, it was the actually the simplest part of all this, Deb had one point of contact and it felt like to me they really wanted to make things easier and get the job done for us quickly, we had the money less than 2 weeks from when we lodged the paperwork.

I was always careful about where I got advice, and I now look back on how important that day was where Barry advised me to go with the Zurich life insurance policy which in the end an early claim which allowed me to leave my family financially stable.

Death and terminal illness claims by age and gender