For more claims certainty, get Active.

Active is the only life insurance product of its kind in Australia. This innovative policy covers more conditions than traditional trauma insurance policies and pays claims based on the severity of conditions. This not only means Active pays claims when other policies don't, it also makes it better value for money. And unlike many policies, Active allows multiple claims over the lifetime of the policy.


Ben’s Health Events Claim Story

As a lawyer I’m very good at foreseeing variables and scheduling for them. Somethings you just don’t see things coming though, but thankfully along with my adviser I had the sense to factor in a protection plan should something unthinkable happen.

My adviser told me there were a few options to protect my family but it was a policy from Zurich called Active, that was the best fit to my lifestyle at the time. Not long after taking out the cover. I got the initial diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and we knew it wasn’t good.

The initial claim payout was a huge help, and there were good days and bad. But being protected financially, meant I was able to focus on what was most important. Dealing with an insurance company that handled my claim process with care and sensitivity was something I never expected, It wasn’t until I had to contact Zurich again 4 years later for the 2nd time that I truly appreciate the service they provide. The cancer had returned, a bit more advanced than last time. When we contacted the Zurich team again, the attention to detail with the all the intricacies of my claim was extremely professional but what I valued most was the empathy they showed, they showed real care through what was the hardest time of my

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