Roof Design

If your premises are located in a region that is prone to cyclone or tornado, the roof should be adequately designed following local Building Codes to ensure it can withstand a minimum wind speed and rainfall.

This factor considers the design of a roof system to withstand anticipated wind loads. Verification that a roof design is adequate will typically require access to the original wind design data for the roof deck and roof cover.

Negative Positive
Clay tile, asphalt shingle or wood shingle roof cover systems. Concrete roof decks with either a liquid applied membrane or a sprayed polyurethane foam roof cover.
Wood roof decks on wood joists or trusses. Roof system with a wind resistance design that exceeds the wind resistance requirements of current local codes and shows no visible signs of duress.
Roof system that does not meet current local code.  
Roof systems with obvious visual signs of duress.  

  • Replace roofing systems (deck and/or cover) that display visual signs of duress with new roofing systems that exceed local design code for wind uplift resistance.
  • For existing, fully adhered roof covering systems where the wind uplift resistance is not known, consider arranging for an uplift test to determine if the required uplift resistance can be achieved.