Hailstorms can occur in almost any region of the world at any time of year. However, the most severe events typically occur in late spring and early summer in regions affected by severe thunderstorms. These regions include central Europe, South Africa, southeast Asia, southeast Australia, southeast Latin America and USA.

The impact of hailstones can cause widespread damage to vulnerable plant and equipment that is stored outside.

Negative Positive
Regions exposed to severe hailstorm. Regions with low hailstorm exposure.
Outdoor storage including parked vehicles (automobiles, trucks and aircraft). Outdoor storage of low value or located under protective canopies or no vulnerable external storage.
Presence of building features such as glass curtain walls, skylights, clay roof tiles and architectural metal roofs. Buildings with concrete, masonry or stone walls and roof; and laminated or wind-borne debris resistant glazing systems.
Aged PVC single-ply membranes that become brittle and subject to impact failure.