08 - Utilities

When utilities are disrupted, working machinery that comes to an unexpected standstill might be damaged or destroyed, as well as inventory and stock that relies on a constant feed of certain utilities.

Electric power is typically an important utility. Fuels can be critical to maintain processing of molten material. Water may be critical to operating a hotel or bottling plant. Refrigeration may be a critical utility to maintain freezers and coolers at appropriate temperatures.


  • Equipment sensitive to loss of utilities.
  • Stock sensitive to loss of utilities such as frozen goods, bakery goods, materials submerged in or dependent on water, etc.
  • Fuel storage tanks that are not secured to resist buoyancy.


  • Provision of auxiliary power supply to sensitive equipment, installed at an elevated location above expected flood levels.

Risk improvement ideas

  • Also consider impact of flood on lifelines, eg. gas and power lines, and infrastructure, e.g. roads and railroads. While the premises might be left unharmed due to efficient flood protection measures, access to the site may be impeded, hindering supply of goods or necessary services to and from the site.