07 - Management Practices

Management Controls are critical to the systematic identification, assessment and management of risks. A comprehensive Management Control program has elements of formal hazard analysis programs (recorded in a central risk register), regular reviews of exposures, audits of controls and systems, incident reporting and investigation processes, and action registers to capture and address audit recommendations and audit actions.

What do we look for?


  • The type, amount, and extent of fire load and hazardous materials present and available to cause or support a fire facilitated by inappropriate
  • Fire load or hazardous materials introducing an unusual (higher or lower) degree of exposure to the occupancy compared to normal expectations.


  • Processes, equipment and buildings and any proposed changes thereto are systematically evaluated, reviewed, documented and implemented by an appropriate hazard analysis methodology (e.g. Zurich Hazard Analysis or ZHA)
  • Management attitude to risk improvement is good, with effective action taken on insurers' previous risk improvements and a positive attitude to new risk improvements.
  • Incident analysis and consequent corrective action is effective.
  • Formalized impairment handling with all impairments reported and effectively dealt with.

Risk improvement ideas

  • Implement a formalized Hazard Analysis system as part of your business overall risk management program.
  • Implement a formal system for capturing details of incidents and develop a culture where all employees are encouraged to report actual or potential incidents. The system should pick up 'near misses' as incidents to ensure action is taken to prevent them turning into real incidents.

Risk topics