Management Expertise and Quality

The extent and structure of expertise with regards to motor fleet risk management tends to directly determine the level of control that is employed to minimise motor vehicle losses.

A robust quality assurance system, when applied to fleet management systems, ensures continuity of these controls across all business units / operations.

Negative Positive
The Fleet Safety Manager position is only part-time / shared with another role and filled by a relatively inexperienced person provided with poor support resources (e.g. is spread too thin). A dedicated, experienced Fleet Risk Manager is appointed with appropriate support staff. This person is empowered to influence change and has direct Board support.
The Fleet Co-ordinator position merely manages assets and is not actively responsible for improving the motor vehicle loss performance. The Fleet Risk Manager is ‘actively’ responsible for improving the loss performance of the fleet (i.e. not just insurance).
A Quality Assurance system is not established or is not applied to fleet management systems. ISO 9000 (or equivalent) QA system is established and applied to fleet management systems with regular audits and external certification.

  • Irrespective of the title, ensure that the person responsible for the motor fleet activities is experienced in various motor fleet controls and tools (and if necessary given the business size, supported by staff with good knowledge of day to day operations). This person should be made ‘actively’ responsible for improving the loss performance of the fleet and not just liaising between the company and the insurer.
  • Establish a rigorous Quality Assurance system across all operations of your business (including fleet management) with regular internal / external audits and external certification.

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