Driver Qualification & Selection

There is a saying in the fleet business that you hire your next loss. Without strict driver qualification and selection standards fleet risk management efforts will fail.

Qualifications standards must consider age, past driving history, experience, ability and medical reviews to be effective. Selection must be tightly governed with the goal of hiring only the best.

Negative Positive
Minimum Qualifications do not include age, past driving history (violations or road rules and past crashes), experience in similar vehicles, abilities to work efficiently and safely. Each candidate is reviewed by one or more management personnel.
Qualifications Qualifications are not applied uniformly. Qualifications are published and periodically reviewed with hiring staff.
There is no formal review of each new hire by company officials. No deviations from the qualifications standards is tolerated.
No driving test is given prior to employment. Drug testing is included in the qualification standards.

  • Publish written qualification standards that include:
    • Minimum age
    • Minimum experience level in like type of vehicle
    • No more than three(3) minor road rule violations if the past five years
    • No serious (drink driving, reckless driving, etc) road rules violations in the past five(5) years
    • No more than one(1) on-road crash in the past three years
    • Display driving ability during on-road test given by pre-qualified company personnel
    • Satisfactorily complete pre-employment aptitude/behavioural driver assessment
    • Pass medical examinations.
  • Establish procedures that require at least one upper level manager to review, agree and sign-off on the field supervisors decision to hire.

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