Driver Assessment & Training

We all assume that we can drive well, but it a skill that is learned through training and experience. Unfortunately, if ongoing training is neglected, we may also develop bad habits in our driving skills.

It is important that the attitude and levels of hazard perception, behaviour and driving knowledge are assessed for all drivers so that the extent of on-road and awareness training required for the driver can be determined.

Negative Positive
No formal assessment of drivers with regards to driving awareness or on-road skills. Formal recruitment procedures that include computer-based, classroom, written and/or on-road assessment of an employees driving awareness and skills.
Lack of of inherent risks that require specialised training for drivers who are deemed to be a “high risk”. On-going/Periodic reviews of driving awareness and skills for all drivers – based either on collision history or time period.
No recognition training, such as remote working, unsealed road driving etc. Formal training programs – at least for increased risk drivers.
Lack of mentoring / buddy system training for first few days / weeks of employment.  

  • Establish formal driver assessment programs as part of the driver selection process and on an on-going basis (i.e. either periodically or based on collision performance).
  • Ensure all new drivers undergo mentoring / buddy system training (i.e. direct driving supervision by an experienced senior driver), if not formal on-road training, for the first few days / weeks of employment.
  • Provide driver training (i.e. at least driver awareness training if not formal on-road training) for those drivers that have been identified as ‘Increased Risk’.
  • Provide ongoing ‘refresher’ training in driver awareness and / or on-road skills for all drivers (i.e. either periodically or based on collision performance).

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