Incident Reporting, Investigating & Recording

Incidents (losses and near misses) are unique in that they provide us with real-life opportunities to learn from our mistakes. Hence, incident investigation is critical in identifying causes of incidents, developing corrective actions and preventing reoccurrence.

However, incident investigation will prove fruitless unless the data gathered via incident reporting is accurate.

Negative Positive
Reporting tools are lacking (e.g. no prompts, forms, cameras or on-board data systems provided in vehicles). Incident prompt cards or report forms, cameras or on-board data systems are provided in vehicles.
Incident investigations focus entirely on insurance aspects and do not identify causes, determine preventability or develop corrective actions. Incident investigations are focussed on preventing reoccurrence and identify causes, determine preventability and develop corrective actions that are subsequently implemented.
Management reporting of overall motor fleet loss performance is inconsistent. Management reviews of overall motor fleet loss performance are regularly and frequently conducted.

  • Ensure that incident prompt cards or report forms are provided in all vehicles with all drivers informed of their use at induction.
  • Ensure that an incident investigation form is established to facilitate these investigations with specific sections dedicated to causal analysis, preventability, corrective actions and follow up.
  • Ensure that responsibility for facilitation of the incident investigation system is clearly appointed.
  • Ensure that the Fleet Manager (or equivalent) conducts the investigation for all major crashes (with clear delineation of major and minor crashes).
  • Provide training in incident investigation and root cause analysis (or equivalent) for the staff that will be conducting investigations.
  • Share incident investigation reports and corrective actions with all drivers via team meetings.
  • Include motor fleet loss performance reviews / reports in monthly management meetings.