10 - Warehousing & Logistics

Even if the product is designed and manufactured safely, the product can be damaged or become unsafe during logistics or warehousing before being used by consumers / customers. Issues such as physical damage during transportation, storage in the wrong environment (i.e. Inappropriate temperature, humidity) or the product exceeding its use by date, attack by rodents etc, are all potential hazards which expose the product to risk.

What do we look for?


  • Products that are climate sensitive (i.e. temperature, humidity, electrostatics, air quality, grounding / electrical)
  • High need for stock rotation and control of expiration for products and their shipping
  • Products that attract rodents
  • High need for product segregation, including quarantine requirements.


  • Good climate monitoring and controls
  • Full control of product handling
  • Good warehouse security
  • Full control of shipping processes
  • Stock rotation / expiration control (FIFO)
  • Designated quarantine areas are well defined and controlled.

Risk improvement ideas

  • Implement Warehouse Management Systems to ensure product does not exceed expiry dates.
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions (i.e. Temperature, humidity, mechanical ventilation) and alarming on parameters being exceeded.
  • Develop a rodent control plan.

Risk topics

Introduction to HACCP for food processors

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