09 - Repackaging & Relabelling

Re-packaging of products is when a product which contains many units of products (i.e. pharmaceuticals tablets…etc) are packaged up into smaller number of units. This has a heightened risk exposure as instead of the product being sold to one consumer / customer it is most likely going to be sold many consumers / customer. Furthermore, the product is susceptible to being damaged during the re-packaging process, and the repackaging process itself may introduce contaminants, hygiene issues…etc. The packaging being used to repackage the product may not have all of the necessary product safety features (i.e. vacuum seals, tamper proof lids….etc).

What do we look for?


  • High volumes of repackaging for individual units or components
  • Products that are highly susceptible to damage or contamination
  • Products that require high level of packaging design compatibility
  • The nature of the product warrants very specific format, location, access and durability of labels.


  • Full control and checking processes over all packaging and assembly activities
  • Controls on material quality specification
  • Processes to ensure correct handling or packaging materials
  • Processes to avoid contamination or damage to product during repackaging
  • Controls of repackaging environment
  • Processes and controls to avoid cross contamination
  • Comprehensive labeling system
  • Processes to ensure correct type of labels and suitability / durability
  • Processes to ensure correct location and accessibility of labels.

Risk improvement ideas

  • The repackaging environment needs to be same of it not more stringent that the original manufacturing conditions.
  • Check in place to ensure the new packaging does is compatible with the product (i.e. Does not cause incompatible reactions, or adds contaminants into the product…etc).

Risk topics

Introduction to HACCP for food processors

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Instruction manuals

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Product warnings

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