16 - Post-Sale Management/Product Monitoring

Product sales management and monitoring of customer complaints and product use as well as use and misuse in the field can provide valuable information for the ongoing improvements in product design. Product liability litigation and recalls usually mean adverse publicity requiring skillful handling. Adequate training, preparation and backup information can minimize the adverse reaction and can demonstrate the company’s efforts to design, manufacture and sell safe and reliable products.

What do we look for?


  • High levels of similar product in market, much information available
  • High level of unsolicited customer feedback or complaints needing to be reviewed
  • High susceptibility and hazard to misuse
  • Product requires ongoing maintenance
  • Extending life span
  • Significant amount of discontinued product.


  • Well organized call centers to handle customer feedback and complaints
  • Complaint severity classification along with appropriate management escalation process.
  • Systematic recording and evaluation of incidents / claims / losses / complaints
  • Regular loss trend analysis is performed, trends identified and corrective actions implemented.
  • Adequate and documented training of post-sale service operators.

Risk improvement ideas

  • Marketing team solicits customer / user feedback and is involved in development of product user profiles, expectations and competitor reconnaissance.
  • Training for the crisis management team on how to handle adverse publicity of products.

Risk topics