06 - Pre-Production Testing / Verification

Insufficient product testing during research and development phase can be one of the leading causes of mass manufacturing of “faulty” products. R&D can influence all products manufactured within a single product line. Lack of controls during this stage of the product’s development can expose a company to significant product liability risks. It is vital that before the company goes into full scale manufacturing that products undergo thorough and comprehensive testing during the research and development stage.

What do we look for?


  • Rapid speed to market
  • Products will be used in harsh operating environments
  • No or informal life cycle testing and stress testing
  • Complex or frequently changing regulatory requirements for product approvals
  • High degree of product design ownership.


  • A full and comprehensive design and material testing
  • Life cycle and stress testing is performed an accounts for operating environments
  • A formal process for keeping in line with changes to standards and regulations
  • No or limited ownership of product design (i.e. Contracted out, product is made to order).

Risk improvement ideas

  • Ensure tests during research and development stage are in line with current standards and regulations.
  • Life testing of products accounts for various operating conditions and environments.
  • Pre-production samples are made and part of the testing program
  • Identify any products that may need to be tested in a third party laboratory before being allowed to enter the chain of commerce.

Risk topics