02 - Product Expertise / Knowledge

Product expertise and knowledge are critical factors in ensuring effective management of product safety and reduction of potential liability. This can been seen by the company having significant manufacturing experience, low workforce turn over, mature products and stable product diversity.

What do we look for?


  • Large product portfolio range
  • Large amounts of product change
  • High turn over of manufacturing staff
  • Brand new technology where there is limited product manufacturing experience
  • A new entrant into a particular product market or industry
  • Complexity of up and down stream supply chains.


  • Controlled product changes
  • Stable workforce with low turn over
  • Significant manufacturing experience
  • A well define supply chain strategy
  • Controlled product diversification
  • Risk assessments performed before entering into new markets or industries.

Risk improvement ideas

  • Outsourced manufacturers are chosen on experience and product liability loss history
  • A formal change management procedure to control product changes
  • Risk analysis are performed before entering into new markets or industries
  • Rewarding of staff for good Product Safety performance.

Risk topics

Introduction to HACCP for food processors

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Product Design

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