01 - Management Commitment

Management commitment is an expression of the overall philosophy and behavior of the organization to managing its Product Liability exposure. This can be seen in formal policies, loss control procedures and employee attitude to safety issues, but it is also evidenced in other activities such as managers being held responsible, budgeted expenditure for safety measures and good compliance with product safety standards.

What do we look for?


  • High product complexity
  • Vulnerable user population (ie. children, elderly…etc)
  • International distribution including significant exports to US and global supply chain
  • High levels of governmental/industry regulations required to be met
  • High product loss / recall history.


  • Adequate resources are provided to control product safety and product quality
  • Product safety organization is well established and controlled.
  • There a systematic processes to ensure regulation requirements are met or exceeded.
  • Employees are well instructed and trained in product safety and quality.

Risk improvement ideas

  • Implement a safety organization with clear responsibilities and all necessary competencies.
  • Define product safety as one of the top management targets and provide adequate personal and financial resources.
  • Implement regular communication about product safety and quality issues in the company
  • Develop a Product Safety policy.