07 - Visitor Safety / Access Control

Ensuring the safety of visitors on site is an important activity in controlling premises liability losses. The manager/owner of a property (especially an industrial or commercial operation) owes a "duty-of-care" to provide a safe area for visitors who are staying on the site. Ensuring that visitors are well protected and instructed/assisted is an important part of managing this exposure. Slips, trips and falls, open pits, falls from heights, fire, chemical release and vehicle impacts are common causes of injuries to visitors.

What do we look for?


  • Many visitors onsite which may include children.
  • Inadequate visitor controls.
  • Visitors are exposed to operational hazards.


  • Few visitors on site.
  • No child visitors.
  • Adequate controls include protected visitor area, personal protective equipment/clothing provided, and good first aid, evacuation and fire drill procedures/training, etc.
  • Visitors are not exposed to operational hazards.

  • Identify and register all visitors. Supervise to prevent them from straying into inappropriate areas.

  • Ensure effective general site safety and security, including housekeeping, illumination and emergency procedures.

Useful Resources

  • Standard #1. HS(G) 65 – Successful health & safety management (UK)

  • AS 1319-1994 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment