08 - Labor Hire / Contract Personnel

Liability exposures are created whenever non-employees are on a company's premises. Apart from visitors, the most common type of non-employees is contractors. Contractors include service providers, labor–hire workers, professional staff and specialists on short term contracts, truck drivers, etc. Injuries to non-employees working on a company’s premises are likely to end up as claims against the General Liability policy of the organization that owns or manages the site.

What do we look for?


  • Contract service providers are regularly onsite.
  • Workforce includes agency personnel.
  • Professional staff onsite (IT, engineers, auditors, etc.).


  • Most employees are permanent employees of the firm.
  • No, to few professional staff onsite.
  • Contract workers required to have same protection/training as permanent employees.

  • If large numbers of full-time workers are provided by labor hire firms, it is more beneficial in the long term, for a variety of reasons, to replace them with permanent staff

  • Ensure that all contractors have in place adequate and current 3rd Party Liability Insurance, and where appropriate correct Workers Compensation Insurance.

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