05 - Physical impact

This risk factor focuses on the inherent potential of physical impact on neighbors and surrounding operations in close proximity to site operations. They may include schools, hospital, roadways, shopping centers, residential areas etc. The high hazard operations may include building collapse, vibration, landslide, falling/flying debris etc.

What do we look for?


  • High hazard operation(s) with many neighbors and/or vulnerable exposures in close proximity.
  • Extensive contractor operations.


  • Low to no high hazard operations.
  • Low hazards are properly protected.
  • Few neighbors with adequate separation
  • No vulnerable exposures
  • Limited contractor operations.

  • Complete a hazard assessment of your operation for inherent hazards to neighbours and other surrounding operations.

  • Install effective barriers and develop mitigation measures to reduce any adverse impact on neighbours.

Useful Resources

Cold Weather Preparation

Type: pdf (93Kb)


  • BS PAS 68:2007 – Specification for Vehicle Security Barriers.

  • AS 1742.2-1994 Manual of uniform traffic control devices - Traffic control devices for general use.