06 - Impact of Chemical, Biological and Other Releases

Release of hazardous materials and agents (chemicals, biological, radiation etc.) in physical proximity of sensitive neighbors can result in property damage and/or bodily injuries including fatalities. This can be a potential source of significant liability risks to a business.

What do we look for?


  • Hazardous materials and/or agents with high release potential on the premise.
  • Proximity to neighbors, including downwind exposure.
  • Inadequate protection.


  • No to limited hazardous materials and/or agents with no to low release potential on premise.
  • Adequate separation to neighbors with no to limited downwind exposure.
  • Adequate protection.

  • Reduce quantities of hazardous materials on premises or used in processes.

  • Implement an effective preventive maintenance and emergency response procedures.

Useful Resources

OSHA's Process Safety Management Standard

Type: pdf (1.4Mb)

Critical equipment areas checklist