15 - Management Commitment

Management commitment is an expression of the overall philosophy and behavior of the organization to managing its general liability exposure. This can be seen in formal policies, loss control procedures and employee attitude to safety issues, but it is also evidenced in other activities such as managers being held responsible, budgeted expenditure for safety measures and good compliance with general safety standards.

What do we look for?


  • Suppliers, vendors, subcontractors routinely hired without written contracts.
  • Written contracts, including Purchase Orders without legal review.
  • Lack of training provided to staff that is involved with contracts.


  • All suppliers, vendors, subcontractors hired using written contracts.
  • Written contracts, including Purchase Orders have/had legal review.
  • Staff involved with contracts receive training by legal counsel.

  • Implement a safety organization with clear responsibilities and all necessary competencies.

  • Define Safety as one of the top management targets and provide adequate personal and financial resources.

  • Implement regular communication about safety issues in the company.

Useful Resources

Company Safety Policy

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