19 - Emergency Response Management

In spite of efforts to prevent disasters, emergencies will occur and emergency response is an important mitigation measure to reduce adverse impact of property damage and bodily injuries. All companies should have an emergency response plan. Companies in some industry segments (chemical, oil/petroleum) are required by law to implement a comprehensive emergency response plan.

What do we look for?


  • No written Emergency Response Plan.
  • No emergency exercises or evacuation drills.
  • No recording or monitoring of visitors and customers while on the premise.


  • Well defined Emergency Response Plan is implemented.
  • Regular emergency exercises and evacuation drills, including functional alarms.
  • Pre-arranged coordination of emergency drills with authorities and external responders,
  • Good procedures for visitors and customers on the premise.

  • Develop and implement an emergency response plan including crisis communication plan.

  • Record and monitor all visitors and contractors on premises and include them in mock emergency exercises and evacuation drills.

Useful Resources
Guide to hurricane emergency action plans

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