13 - Work Away / Off-site Premises

This factor evaluates the potential for third party property damage, business interruption and bodily injury. Work away includes any activity by the insured at third party locations and would include construction, maintenance, installation, service activities, training, functions and event organization. Major exposures are likely to include hot work, electrical work, excavation, demolition etc. The potential for exposure is a combination of the activity, protective measures and management controls.

What do we look for?


  • Significant off-site activities.
  • Off-site activities include high risks, such as hot work, electrical installations, excavation, demolition,.
  • Inadequate management controls of offsite activities.
  • Inadequate training/certification/licensure programs and/or procedures.


  • No, to limited off site activities.
  • No, to limited high risks.
  • Adequate management controls, including formal Job Safety Analysis (JSA), no use of 3rd party tools or equipment, etc.
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Formal training/certification,/licensure programs

  • Develop good management controls to include, for example, risk assessments for activities, competency etc.

  • Establish appropriate safety training program to employees operating off-site & refresh at intervals.

Useful Resources

  • OHSA's 18001 – Health & Safety Management Systems (including BS8800, AS/NZ4801)

  • HSG 65 (UK) - Successful Health & Safety Management.