Tools for Efficiency

An October 2015 survey found that the most common way advisers had prepared for LIF was to explore ways to become more efficient (38% of advisers). Zurich has a proven track record of delivering technology and service solutions that improve adviser and practice efficiency, and this will continue to be a major focus throughout 2016 and beyond.


ZXpress Quote and Application Platform

One of the most important pieces of life insurance technology is the online quoting and application software supporting advisers. Zurich’s platform ZXpress offers market leading integration and usability, and in conjunction with our daily feed solution allows advisers to offer more responsive and flexible service. ZXpress will take the ease of doing business with Zurich to a whole new level and provide a simpler, smarter and faster solution making client conversations easier.

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Cash Flow modeller

Remuneration Cash Flow modeller

Our Remuneration Cash Flow modeller is a simple spreadsheet that is designed to simulate the cash flow impact of the new remuneration arrangements over the short to medium term. Just enter a few key items in data into the modeller and it will produce a comprehensive projection of your business cash flow over a 10 year period, in both numerical and graphical form.

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Business Value Estimator

The Business Value Estimator, developed in conjunction with leading industry consultants Business Health is an online tool which involves a 5-10 minute self-assessment of your practice and will deliver you a comprehensive dashboard style report with an estimated value of your business. The tool also illustrates how adjusting various levers in your business can increase (or decrease) business value.

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Practice Management Presentations

Successful Referrals

Seven R's of Successful Referral Relationships

A widely accepted business principle, and proven by research time and again, new clients prefer to find their adviser by way of referral from someone they trust. In this presentation, we discuss the Seven R's of Successful Referral Relationships to enable you to deliberately cultivate active and prosperous relationships with a range of other advice professionals.

Key learning outcomes: This session will provide practical suggestions that you can implement to build more successful referral relationships.

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Social Media Case Studies

Social media - case studies from Australian advisers

As foundation sponsor of the Financial Standard SMILEYS (Social Media Innovation, Leadership and Excellence) awards, Zurich has unique access to over 20 case studies from advisers around Australia. Drawing on the submissions from the 2014 SMILEYS award, this session goes beyond the theory and the statistics and shines a light on what real Australian advisers are already doing in their practices to leverage the power of social media for real business advantage.

Key learning outcomes: The session is packed with examples of social media being used to generate leads and referrals, engage existing customers and build advisers’ brand within their communities and target market.

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Interest Pieces

The Retirement Conundrum

The Retirement Conundrum

In this presentation we look at the core conundrum of our times; how to raise income levels in a sustainable way as investment objectives increasingly shift towards retirement needs.

We examine the pitfalls for clients and look at alternative approaches that can help raise the total portfolio income generation for clients whilst actually lowering overall levels of risk.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Identification of the key risks in traditional asset allocation, particular in fixed income
  • Challenges and methods of generating yield from growth allocations
  • Building better risk-adjusted retiree portfolios from a 'whole of portfolio' perspective

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Behavioural Finance

Behavioural Finance

The recent US housing boom and bust and global market gyrations are reminders that behavioural psychology remains deeply embedded in human behaviour. Drawing on research by the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and other behavioural psychologists what are the critical things that influence us?

One of the most important of these is the tendency for investors to engage in herd behaviour, creating market bubbles followed by painful crashes. We look at how these bubbles occur and how we can help investors to overcome behavioural biases which stymie their investment goals.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Core features of behavioural economics and finance
  • Key facts around major market manias and why they happen
  • Detailed participation and knowledge of specific behavioural biases

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What your clients need to know about the real cost of cancer

According to the 'Cost of Cancer in NSW' report, the total expected lifetime economic cost of Cancer per person is around $966,000 - of which the burden of disease is $851,600 and the financial cost is $114,500. Do your clients have enough to cover the real cost of Cancer? Find out in this article >

Five essential tips to reach the top of your game

If you’re looking to rise to the top of your profession and take your practice to new heights, you must take note of these five tips for success according to Jenny Brown, Adviser of the more >

Tackling misinsurance - the must have client conversation

Zurich's 'Misinformed, Misinsured?' whitepaper shed light on the lack of knowledge and understanding Australians have when it comes to their life insurance. So what is the solution? In this article, Andy Marshall, Head of Sales Strategies and Research, Life Risk, explains that it simply comes down to having the right client more >

4 reasons every adviser should use an estate planning approach within their business

A recent report predicts household wealth available for transfer by bequest in 2030 will surpass $70 billion but alarmingly more than 45% of Australians do not currently have a valid Will. In this article we reveal how an estate planning methodology can help you take the lead with clients to ensure they have the appropriate estate planning solution in more >

Three tips to retain your clients

Acquiring a new client is said to be five-to-ten times more costly than retaining an existing one. What are some of the steps you can take to ensure your clients stay with you and give you more business in the future? Here are three things you can do >

What the last 20 years of returns really tells us

We’re often told that the past doesn’t predict the future, but looking back on the last 20 years of investment returns can certainly reveal some insights as Angus Crennan, Investment Specialist notes in this article... read more >

How the ideal client will help grow your business

A recent report has revealed a surge of new clients looking for advice but who will really add value to your business? In this article Kristine Wade, Head of Retail Sales, shares some tips on how to grow your business by focusing on the ideal more >

New case study to help your clients boost income and preserve capital in retirement

Superannuation has been one of the great success stories of Australia, with assets climbing to over 100% of GDP in two decades. But as the cost of living continues to rise, how can your clients protect these savings but also generate returns to ensure they have enough? The solution lies in this article >

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