The Zurich Adviser Podcast Series

Why you should listen to this series.

Over the course of a series, we will tap into a wealth of industry and business knowledge from selected advisers with the aim to help all advisers engage better with clients, help understand their purpose, and get some helpful tips on how advisers can succeed in an ever changing industry.

Bill WebsterBill Webster

Risk Strategy Consultant Life Risk and Investments

Bill Webster is a Risk Strategy Consultant for Zurich’s Life & Investments business in Australia.

Bill builds and delivers peer-to-peer style learnings to our dealergroup partners and provides an advisers perspective when building out business strategies.

Bill Webster’s career as a professional financial adviser spans more than 35 years and has amassed a number of prestigious accolades over this time. During his 15 year relationship with licensee Financial Services Partners, Bill was awarded their National Client Service Award, National Firm of the Year, and National Adviser of the Year Award.

Bill is also a long-time member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and has twice been named as a finalist in the AFA Adviser of the Year Award.

In 2012, Bill achieved his goal of completing his business succession plan by his 60th birthday, transferring his share of his successful advice practice, Tempus Wealth, to his business partner. He continues to consult part-time to Tempus Wealth, looking after a number of clients, as well as introducing new clients to the practice and mentoring younger staff.
Supporting younger advisers is a longstanding passion of Bill’s, and for the past five years he has volunteered for the AFA Mentoring Program. More recently, Bill has channeled his years of knowledge and experience into designing a mentoring workshop program for young advisers, and those new to the profession, called B.A.S.E Mentoring.

Bill believes that mentorship is a vital component in the growth and development of any aspiring young professional and that ‘passing the baton’ is fundamental. His goal is to continue to share the program content with the new generation of advisers to help challenge, educate and inspire.

Podcast 1

One Degree Extra

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, water creates steam, the steam can be harnessed and converted to power, that power can supply energy to a whole community. But at 99 degrees Celsius, it is just very hot water! It is that ‘1-degree extra’, that makes all the difference!

Podcast 2

Four words at the heart of client engagement

What sits at the heart of client engagement has been reduced down to 4 key words, and this philosophy can drive the engagement and relationship process.

Podcast 3

Building your ‘Why”

Most of the things we do in life, the things we feel passionate about, we do with an almost unconscious ‘higher purpose’. The activity that you feel so passionate about, that is driven by this ‘higher purpose’ becomes the reason WHY you do what you do.

Podcast 4

The Coffee Meeting Concept

Typically, a potential client has been referred to by their colleague or friend because there has been something of significance that has come up in their lives. They may have purchased a property, inherited money, had a child, started a business or something along those lines. But the real fact-of-the-matter is that when you simplify it, there is CHANGE happening in their life, about which, certain decisions need to be considered and implemented.

Podcast 5

The Ideal Client: A 9-Step Action Plan to Get More of Them

If you have a problem, make it a procedure, and you won’t have a problem anymore!

Podcast 6

Part 1: Claim time – when the client needs you the most

Claim time, particularly a death or serious disability, is a very emotional time for the client and their families. They are ‘crushed’ by grief and the emotion of this major event that has occurred outside of their control. They are often in denial, in the middle of a psychological ‘melt-down’ and in no state to deal with such things as the claims administration process. What they want and need is compassion, understanding and someone who can take ownership of this situation for them.

Podcast 7

Part 2: The ripple effect – there is more to a claim than the proceeds

When a claim event happens. the event itself is usually pretty-clear cut. The insured individual has become disabled to varying degrees. This claim event ‘triggers’ a range of other unintended consequences though, that potentially create bigger problems than would not have initially considered.