Credit and Debit Card Insurances

Heritage Bank Credit Card Insurances (including travel insurance)

Effective 1 July 2015, the issuer of the Heritage Bank Platinum Credit Card Complimentary Insurance changed from Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (“Zurich”) to another insurer.

If an insurable event occurred prior to 1 July 2015, Zurich will still be responsible for the claim in accordance with the insurance booklet listed below. If the event occurred after 1 July 2015 the new insurer will manage the claim.

If you want to know more about the new insurance or if your insurable claim occurred on or after 1 July 2015 please refer to the Heritage Bank website.

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If your claim (that is the insurable event) occurred prior to 1 July 2015 please contact us on 1800 285 484.

Zurich Policy booklet (for claims that occur prior to 1 July 2015)

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