April 27, 2020

April 27, 2020 | Broker News

How Zurich is supporting Brokers to protect Customers' motor fleets

  • Risk management guides for idle vehicles
  • Hygiene tips for fleet drivers
  • Motor Fleet (Sedan Light Commercial) Self Risk Assessment
  • Free 3 month subscription to online roadRISK driver risk assessment ‘Mentor® by eDriving’ smartphone app

Hear from Mervyn Rea, Zurich’s Head of Zurich Risk Engineering on the risk management resources we offer Brokers and how Risk Engineering has adapted to new ways of working.

Zurich’s Motor Fleet Sedan/Light Commercial Vehicle Self Risk Assessment is available for use by you or Customers. Using the app-based tool you can produce a comparative risk quality grading, Risk Improvement Ideas, which, if adopted, may help reduce work-related driving exposures, reduce crash severity and frequency, providing a safer work environment.  The self-risk assessment report is a valuable support for submissions. Find out more about Zurich Risk Advisor App.

Many sedan fleet operators and heavy road transport operations are experiencing severely reduced vehicle utilisation as the COVID-19 restrictions continue. Our vehicle guides provide useful guidance and measures should your customers fleet currently be idle.

For businesses that have vehicles on the road, they need to exercise heightened levels of hygiene within their vehicles to help reduce the spread of the virus. For the duration of the pandemic, our strategic business partner, eDriving, is providing free information, and a training resource portal to assist fleet owners and drivers comply with enhanced hygiene protocols and stay safe.

Some Customers who operate motor fleets may have had to recruit new drivers to meet increased demand for online deliveries and transport logistics. This rapid expansion of services or re-direction of routine tasks may have occurred without adequate risk or competency screening, and we have a mobile solution you can offer Customers to help them manage this risk.

Zurich Risk Engineering, in conjunction with its global partnership with eDriving is offering your Customers’ access to the award-winning Mentor Performance Management System. The system promotes a safety culture by assessing a driver’s risk profile online and providing an app-based personalised driver program that monitors driving behavior, with in-app driver training tutorials.

The application doesn’t identify, track or penalise drivers, it is purposely designed to provide customised feedback, and a library of short eLearning modules on how to improve driver safety. If now is not the right time for your customers, we can arrange access later in the year.

For 3-months of free access contact your Zurich Motor Underwriter or Risk Engineering