August 12, 2020

August 12, 2020 | Broker News

Be more risk aware, whist working from home

These days, many employees are now working from home on a more permanent basis, particularly our Victorian colleagues and Customers who are in stage 4 COVID-19 lockdown. Home-work environments come with their own sets of hazards that do not typically benefit from corporate standards of security, housekeeping, and well-being.

Zurich Risk Advisor (ZRA) app has recently launched the new Risk Snapshot module ‘Reducing the risks of working from home.’  The ZRA Risk Snapshot modules are quick and easy to use, with Yes or No questions which can be answered in just 5 minutes to generate a comprehensive report. The Risk Snapshot module includes 4 stages covering: personal safety, data security, wellbeing, and fire safety, with risk improvement ideas and any related risk topic guidance docs provided at each stage.

From fixtures and fittings, computer wires, VPNs and house security, Zurich Risk Advisor Risk Snapshots provides a handy tool for Brokers and Customers to assess the potential risks quickly and easily, that they may be unaware they are facing whilst working from home.

You can view at an example Risk Snapshot Report here.

There are a number of other Risk Snapshots also available within the app for Brokers and Customers to use, covering:

Reducing the risk of theft

Having effective security measures is key to ensuring your business and staff are adequately protected from the risk of theft

Reducing the risk of fire

Good fire risk management is vital in protecting your business and ensuring the safety of your staff and your Customers.

Reducing the risk of a cyber attack

Cyber attached are becoming increasingly damaging to business and can result in financial loss and reputational damage.

Reducing the risk of flood

Flood events in recent years have proved devastating to thousands of businesses, schools and leisure facilities. It is not possible to completely eliminate flood risk, but it is possible to minimize the effects that potential flooding can have on your property or business.

Zurich Risk Advisor is available for free. Download today by searching ‘Zurich Risk Advisor’ on the App Store or Google Play