The Adviser Portal

One portal. Ultimate efficiency.



One portal that now does it all

The Adviser Portal gives advisers ultimate efficiency when dealing with an insurer.

The portal is a smart, simple and seamless all-in-one platform for quotes, applications, renewals, client management, notifications, scenario planning and advice tools. Everything can be accessed online with a single sign-on, and can be easily personalised to suit your preferences and maximise productivity.

Market-leading functionality and design provides an excellent user experience, making it an intuitive and productive adviser quoting platform, client management and online servicing available.

The Adviser Portal is our commitment to put your needs as a modern advice practice front and centre, streamlining the way you do business.


September 2021 enhancements

Changes from 24 September, 2021 – Brand, design and new functionality

The Zurich Adviser Portal will be renamed to ‘The Adviser Portal’ and the user interface will be updated to include the OnePath brand. This is the first part of our journey to streamline the way you interact with our dual propositions into one-user friendly experience. The changes aren’t limited to design only. Other enhancements include:  

  • Adding a direct link to login to “Illustrator” via the quoting option in the main menu
  • Expanding the Tools and Resources section to include OnePath resources
  • Giving you the ability to manage your Zurich client’s tele-interview appointment bookings online and without the need to email us

Excitingly, we are working towards providing you with the ability to serve some of your existing OnePath clients from within The Adviser Portal. We look forward to sharing further information with you shortly alongside further enhancements to The Adviser Portal, helping you save time on administration so you can focus more on your clients.

May 2021 enhancements

Our latest enhancements include the ability for you to quote on your existing inforce policies (including 10 year projections) and our brand new self-service functions which saves time for both you and your clients.

With self-service functions you can now

  • Quote to increase, decrease or make alterations to inforce policies
  • Update payment information instantly
  • Decline an indexation increase without the need for a client signature
  • Submit a claim notification

Other enhancements

  • The ability to export full details of your clients’ policy to an easy to understand PDF
  • Remuneration information is now displayed at policy level
  • Detailed exclusion wording displayed on applicable policies
  • New instant reporting available reports including a LiveWell client report

February 2021 enhancements

We are proud to announce our latest enhancement, the ability for you to now instantly generate alteration quotes on eligible Zurich Wealth Protection & FutureWise policies. This is just another way the Zurich Adviser Portal gives you ultimate efficiency when servicing clients, saving you time and creating a smoother experience.

To help you understand the most recent enhancements, you can watch this helpful video on_ZONE Education. If you haven’t logged in before you can do so with your Zurich Adviser Portal login details.

With Alteration Quotes now available, you can quote to:

  • Increase / decrease cover
  • Update Waiting Period / Benefit Period
  • Remove core / optional covers
  • Update payment frequency
  • Add / remove options (e.g. Increasing Claims option)
  • Update premium structure – Stepped to Level (only)
  • Change definition (reducing risk) – e.g. Income Protector Plus to Income Protector

July 2020 upgrades

To help you understand the enhancements, you can watch this helpful video on _ZONE Education. If you haven’t logged in before you can do so with your Zurich Adviser Portal login details.

What have we made even better?

  • We have improved the self-service functionality and user experience - Locate, review and update client details, quotes, applications, renewals and service requests in seconds from the dashboard. Whilst looking at your client’s policy or application details via the portal, you can now choose to export all details into a PDF.
  • Claims Notifications - You can now notify us of claims directly via the portal. All claim notifications will now also be visible through the service requests section on the portal.
  • More client information at your fingertips -  Access more of your clients’ policy information such as policy exclusions (does not include older policies or former Macquarie policies) and rollover information with the ability to directly navigate to related policies without the need to search.
  • Enhanced reporting - A new reports section allows you to generate 6 types of customised reports -  including reports on LiveWell clients and overdue payments to help you manage your inforce clients.
  • Flexibility for you and your clients – your clients can now complete their personal statement online at a time and place that suits them with the introduction of a personalised URL link.



The powerful new quote and apply platform allows you to quickly and easily quote Wealth Protection and Active from any device.
Save time with instant premium calculations that respond in real time as you move through the intuitive quote process.
Utilises the intelligent UnderwriteMe engine to deliver a faster, smarter and flexible underwriting experience.
Smart Navigation allows you to navigate to any point in the quote process without having to re-enter information.



Locate, review and update client details, quotes, applications renewals and service requests in seconds from the new dashboard.
An online pre-assessment tool gives users a better indication of requirements up front, without the need to re-enter key information again when you go from pre-assessment to application.
Simple preference management at your fingertips – set up your preferences to save time on every quote.
Single sign-on for all your Zurich needs.
Mobile-optimised design so you can connect on any device (mobile,tablet, laptop), anytime, anywhere.



The new quote scenario planning feature allows you to compare different scenarios using the same life insured details, with side by side comparisons in real time, to ensure the policy parameters selected provide the best fit for your client.
Improved upfront underwriting decision-making resulting in a significant increase in straight -through acceptance rates.
Market leading functionality and design will deliver a user experience unlike any other in the market.
Live help centre with guided walk-throughs at your fingertips, to ensure you are maximising your efficiencies.

New quotes, applications and client management platforms
Underwriting upgrades
User experience enhancements

The powerful, new quote and apply platform

The powerful new quote and apply platform allows you to quickly and easily quote Wealth Protection, Active and Sumo from any device.