The Zurich Adviser Portal

One portal. Unrivalled efficiency.

What will happen to ZLife and ZXpress?


One portal that now does it all

The Zurich Adviser Portal gives advisers unrivalled efficiency when dealing with an insurer.

The new portal is a smart, simple and seamless all-in-one platform for quotes, applications, renewals, client management, notifications, scenario planning and advice tools. Everything can be accessed online with a single sign-on, and can be easily personalised to suit your preferences and maximise productivity.

Market-leading functionality and design provides a user experience unlike any other in the market, making it the most intuitive and productive adviser quoting platform, client management and online servicing available.

The Zurich Adviser Portal is our commitment to put your needs as a modern advice practice front and centre, streamlining the way you do business.




The powerful new quote and apply platform allows you to quickly and easily quote Wealth Protection, Active and Sumo from any device.
Save time with instant premium calculations that respond in real time as you move through the intuitive quote process.
Utilises the intelligent UnderwriteMe engine to deliver a faster, smarter and flexible underwriting experience.
Smart Navigation allows you to navigate to any point in the quote process without having to re-enter information.



Locate, review and update client details, quotes, applications renewals and service requests in seconds from the new dashboard.
An online pre-assessment tool gives users a better indication of requirements up front, without the need to re-enter key information again when you go from pre-assessment to application.
Simple preference management at your fingertips – set up your preferences to save time on every quote.
Single sign-on for all your Zurich needs.
Mobile-optimised design so you can connect on any device (mobile,tablet, laptop), anytime, anywhere.



The new quote scenario planning feature allows you to compare different scenarios using the same life insured details, with side by side comparisons in real time, to ensure the policy parameters selected provide the best fit for your client.
Improved upfront underwriting decision-making resulting in a significant increase in straight -through acceptance rates.
Market leading functionality and design will deliver a user experience unlike any other in the market.
Live help centre with guided walk-throughs at your fingertips, to ensure you are maximising your efficiencies.

New quotes, applications and client management platforms
Underwriting upgrades
User experience enhancements

The powerful, new quote and apply platform

The powerful new quote and apply platform allows you to quickly and easily quote Wealth Protection, Active and Sumo from any device.


What will happen to ZLife and ZXpress?


The Zurich Adviser Portal brings together ZXpress and Zlife in one intuitive, online portal for life insurance quotes and applications, renewals, service requests plus more.

Advisers will be able to log onto to the new Zurich Adviser Portal using their existing Zlife login.

If you are not currently registered on Zlife or ZXpress, this can be done on your first visit to the Zurich Adviser Portal.