September 26, 2019

September 26, 2019 | Risk Pulse

Super Friend Looking After You Booklet – Simple Strategies for Busy Times

Most of us are juggling multiple roles in our lives, and many of these typically involve caring for others. Making self-care a priority with “the life juggle” can be tricky, so to help, our mental health and wellness partner Super Friend have put together this resource packed with simple, easy and free ways you can inject more care for yourself into each and every day.

Click here to download this practical resource. 

SuperFriend acknowledgement
This article was provided by SuperFriend, a national mental health organisation that helps workplaces promote promote and support improved mental health and wellbeing for their employees.



September 26, 2019

The industry is coming together for positive change

This week Zurich had the honour of being part of the inaugural Professional Planner, Risk Advice Summit, which we co-sponsored with AIA. The event brought together key industry stakeholders from insurers, regulators, advisers and politicians to discuss some of the big challenges confronting us today. Zurich CEO Tim Bailey was on a leadership panel in addition to Head of corporate affairs, Richard Dunkerley who facilitated a discussion between two leading market research firms, NMG & CoreData, who shared key insights from their extensive studies of the current Australian insurance and advice market.

September 26, 2019

Zurich’s high tech underwriting is delivering results with a human touch

The process of underwriting has always been a crucial cog in the adviser/insurer relationship, although modern perceptions have shifted from being a standard “back office” process to a real point of difference in an insurer’s full-service offering. Most recently, the introduction of URE’s (Underwriting Rules Engines) is providing innovative, tech driven underwriting solutions to a growing volume of business submitted.

September 26, 2019

Podcast & Profile: AFA AOTY winner Simone Du Chesne

Referrals are a gift not a right. Adviser of the Year, Simone Du Chesne discusses how she keeps them coming in and makes the conversion.

September 26, 2019

How to find a mental health professional

Because financial wellbeing is fundamentally linked to mental health and wellbeing, as a financial adviser, you may be in the position where you become the accidental counsellors for your clients.

September 26, 2019

How workplaces can save lives

Understanding where you fit within the context of tackling mental health is important. That is, workplaces are not counselling practices, and managers are not psychologists, so you should not attempt to encroach on areas outside your abilities. Your responsibility is to notice changes that affect a person’s work, speak to them and provide support if they are experiencing difficulties, and refer them to further help.