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New pricing, better value

From 15 May 2018, our Zurich Wealth Protection cover will be even better value.

  • New Term and TPD pricing
  • SmartValue bundling discounts are simpler, and more generous
  • More options to reduce premiums
  • Super rates reduced to reflect cover restrictions


Our flagship offering

  • Lump sum
  • Income cover
  • SmartValue discounts

Severity Based solution

  • More ways to claim
  • Access cover for more occupations

Unique high net worth offering

  • Highest cover limits

Ordering new PDSs and transition arrangements

Supporting our enhanced product suite, new Product Disclosure Statements (effective 15 May 2017) are now available for:

  • Zurich Wealth Protection
  • Zurich Active; and
  • Zurich Sumo.

The Wealth Protection and Active PDS will be accompanied by an Insurance-only Superannuation PDS.

A new, single Zurich Insurance Application form has been developed for Wealth Protection, Active and Sumo. The form includes the Life Insured’s Statement and a host of underwriting questionnaires, providing all the necessary paperwork you need. You’ll get supplies of the new form automatically when you order PDSs.

As we transition to the new PDSs and Application form, we are able to accept old application forms (relating to previous PDSs) which were signed prior to 15 May, up to and including 14 June.

You can order the new PDSs through the Zurich Adviser Portal.

Wealth Protection product enhancements at a glance - effective May 15

New lower rates and even better value

  • New Term and TPD pricing effective May 15
  • SmartValue bundling discounts are simpler, and more generous
  • More options to reduce premiums
  • Super rates reduced to reflect cover restrictions

More flexible Super optimiser

  • Indemnity IP can be optimised
  • TPD and Trauma cover can be optimised without Death cover in either policy
  • Any occupation TPD can sit inside or outside of super
  • More combinations possible

Standalone covers

  • Business expenses (BEX) and child cover now available as standalone policies
  • BEX now includes Key Person option

A fresh approach to TPD

  • Four definitions are available, own occupation, any occupation, domestic duties and modified TPD
  • Two new clinical assessment metrics apply across all definitions
  • New Platinum level TPD, providing the Partial impairment benefit, allowing for 65% and 40% part benefit payments

Quality when it counts

  • IP waiting period improvements
    • Income protector requires five consecutive days of disablement (not entire waiting period)
    • Waiting period reduction feature for GSC cover which is lost when changing employer
  • Terminal illness definition now 24 months not 12
  • Policies paid via rollover will commence before funds arrive 
  • Medical professionals feature
    • Clarity around occupationally acquired blood borne diseases
  • New Platinum level trauma
    • 25% partial payment
  • IP Funeral benefit increased to four times the monthly benefit
  • Trauma advancement option through IP pays six times the monthly benefit with no 'on claim' requirement
  • Additional trigger event for Business future insurability benefit for an increase in a business loan.

Upgrade guarantee in action

Zurich continually reviews trauma definitions for currency and clarity and will pass back any improved definitions to existing policy holders for new events.  This will also apply to the terminal illness definition change, and any other relevant improvements that do not have a cost impact.

Commission changes

We have also taken the opportunity to simplify our commission, with commissions for new Active and Sumo policies aligned with the existing Zurich approach. At the same time, we have added more flexibility to our dial down approach, effectively giving you far more scope to tailor dial-downs to individual circumstances.

Stamp Duty approach

Consistent with the market treatment of stamp duty, we will now charge the applicable rate on a state by state basis for all products (previously we applied an average rate of stamp duty across lump sum policies).

Quote and apply now

The Zurich Adviser Portal is your one stop destination for quotes and applications for:

  • Zurich Wealth Protection
  • Zurich Active
  • Zurich Sumo

For Product Disclosure Statements with more details click here.

Platforms - First month's premium waived

You'll find us on many of the market's leading platforms. Plus when you write Zurich policies through platform, the first month’s premium is waived.



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