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AFA Adviser of the Year and Practice of the Year Award 2019 applicant authorisation

These terms and conditions apply to any person ('You') participating in the Adviser of the Year/Practice of the Year award ('Award'). You agree to these terms and conditions by either submitting an application form; providing any information in relation to an application, adviser or practice; or by otherwise participating in the Award or its related events or processes. 

  • 1. If You submit an application form, You represent that You are authorised to agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of all other persons who may participate in the Award in association with that application (e.g. those supporting your practice where you are entering into the Practice of the Year category). You agree to provide the Privacy Notice and these terms and conditions to all such persons before their participation.

  • 2. You authorise and grant Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited (ABN 11 008 423372) and its related bodies corporate ('Zurich') the right to use, disclose, reproduce, publish, and republish any:
    • views, opinions, data, details, personal information or any other information submitted by or about You or Your practice (including those obtained in the course of judging Your submission, e.g. during site visits and interviews), and
    • photographs, images or video footages of You or including You ('Materials'),
    • in whole or in part, in composite form or not, without restrictions as to changes or alterations, in any form or media at any time anywhere in the world, for the purposes of :
      • assessing applications for the Award,
      • administering the Award, including any announcement or publication of the candidates and/or winners,
      • promoting Zurich, its products or the Award including:
        • advertising, trade or publicity purposes;
        • product related documents and materials;
        • in promotional or marketing materials;
        • in printed publications and materials; and
        • hosting on websites and in any transmission or form of electronic media; and
      • any other related purposes (‘Purposes’);
  • except if You separate, designate and clearly mark any Material that contains commercially sensitive and client information as "Confidential", in which case, Zurich shall treat such marked Material as confidential and will only use such marked Material for the purpose of assessing submissions for the Award.

  • 3. Privacy Notice: Zurich is bound by the Privacy Act and by participating in the Award, You:
    • consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information in accordance with these terms and conditions and that this may include Zurich disclosing the information where relevant for the Purposes, to the Association of Financial Advisers, to affiliates of Zurich Insurance Group Ltd, to our service providers or business partners, and to audiences in marketing and promotional material relating to the Award or Zurich;
    • acknowledge that Zurich may additionally use personal information (but not sensitive personal information) collected about You to notify You of products and services we offer unless You notify us in writing that You do not want Your personal information to be used in this way;
    • acknowledge that if You do not agree to provide us with the information, or for us to continue to hold Your personal information, we may not be able to process or assess the application or otherwise administer the Award;
    • acknowledge that for further information about Zurich’s Privacy Policy, a list of common service providers and business partners that we may disclose Your personal information to, a list of countries in which recipients of Your personal information are likely to be located, details of how You can access or correct the personal information we hold about You, or make a complaint, please refer to the Privacy link on our homepage –, contact us by telephone on 132 687 or email us at
  • 4. You agree:
    • that You will not receive a fee, or other form of remuneration, or any reimbursement for costs;
    • not to make any claim against Zurich and their successors and assigns for any reason relating to the administration of the Award in accordance with these terms and conditions;
    • that all copyright associated with the Materials for any purpose of Zurich is owned by Zurich and its successors and assigns or by Zurich's agents or contractors except as otherwise agreed;
    • release and indemnify Zurich from all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs or expenses in connection with or arising out of: the use, disclosure, reproduction or publication of any Materials in relation to the Purposes and any breach of these terms and conditions by You;
    • to waive any right You may have to inspect or approve the Materials or the finished publication, document, material or website in which such Materials are used, reproduced or published; and
    • that these terms and conditions apply in addition to any other terms and conditions of entry in the Award.