Zurich helps to create a positive road safety culture as part of new National Road Safety Partnership Program

Zurich is delighted to support the launch of the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) developed by the National Transport Commission, which aims to see Australian businesses reduce fatality and injury rates by sharing their proven road safety tips.

As a premier provider of Fleet Insurance and Risk Management, Zurich is involved on a number of levels in fostering a safe driving culture. Zurich were honoured to participate on the Steering Committee for the formation of the NRSPP to guide and develop a national road safety program to share road safety knowledge.

The current statistics are concerning as road safety remains the greatest risk to employees and businesses. In 2009-10, Safe Work Australia recorded 337 deaths in Australia from a work-related traumatic injury. 216 (64%) were injured at work; 79 (23%) while travelling to or from work and 42 (12%) as a bystander to someone else's work activity.

In 2011, Zurich identified that the associated death risk for driving 40 000 km per year is 1 in 8000 people - which is greater than construction (1 in 10,000 people) or agriculture (1 in 13,500 people).

According to National Transport Commission CEO, Paul Retter, over the next five years it is estimated 170,000 Australians will die or be seriously injured on the nation’s roads.

Head of Risk Engineering Customer Management, APAC, Mervyn Rea, says there are clear and well researched societal, business, legal and financial cases for work-related road safety in Australia given work-related driving accounts for around a third of Australia's fatalities and serious injury road traumas.

"For many businesses, driving will be the most hazardous activity for employees. Vehicles used for business purposes are an extension of the workplace in the eyes of Occupational Safety & Health regulations.

"Risk management of fleet operations and work-related road risks does not stop at insurance. In fact, insurance only provides a part of the financial risk transfer. There are many more costs associated with business related road trauma, including absenteeism from work, employee morale, investigation and administrative costs, reputation and lost business.

"There are plenty of good practice examples already in Australia, although little has been published or shared throughout industry. The NRSPP will provide a platform for organisations to seek, share and promote best practice policies, procedures and work-related driving solutions. It promotes the 'sharing spirit' between all stakeholders engaged in our road systems, so that Australian roads, vehicles and drivers become safer for all.

"Zurich is proud of this significant endeavour and will continue to be a willing participant in the NRSPP initiative to create a positive road safety culture."

To find out more about the National Road Safety Partnership Program and how organisations can keep their employees safe from road incidents visit www.nrspp.org.au.


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