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Lost Superannuation

Lost Super According to the ATO there were 3.4 million lost super accounts in June 2012. Do you need help finding your lost super?
Registering for the ATOs online services and SuperSeeker We'll show you how.
Lost Member Register Did you know the ATO keeps a list of the names of people who have been reported by Superannuation Funds as lost?


Choice of fund Employees have the opportunity to choose the super fund their Superannuation Guarantee contributions are made to.
Have you got a super spouse? The tax benefits explained of contributing to superannuation on behalf of your spouse.
Investing wisely A few simple rules to investing.
Are there holes in your super strategy? There are two persistent misconceptions about super that prevent people from making the most of their retirement savings.
Superannuation contributions Explains what they are and how we can help you.
Splitting superannuation on marriage breakdown Super splitting came into effect early in 2006.
What's so good about super? The advantages of superannuation as an investment.
Doing some simple (but crucial) super sums Exactly how much money will you need to retire?

Retirement planning

Retirement planning Simple tips and facts to help you plan ahead.
Tips on retirement planning Ten tips you need to know to put long-term wealth into gear.
There's nothing retiring about most people's retirement Retirement requires careful and committed design. And it's never too late to start.
Maximising retirement income The last thing you want to worry about in your retirement is money.
Retirement planning - how do you shape up? Maintaining a lifestyle of choice in retirement requires much more than financial management.
The benefits of financial advice For everything you need to know about getting the most out of financial advice.

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