Making additional contributions to your Zurich superannuation plan

Once you have made your initial contribution there is no minimum additional contribution required. You can make additional contributions to your Zurich superannuation plan by:

Please note, unless otherwise notified all additional contributions will be:

  • Invested in the same proportions as the most recently advised investment strategy unless you advise Zurich of an alternative strategy in writing for your contributions, and
  • Treated as a concessional contribution and taxed accordingly.

If you are making additional investments by BPAY all you need is the appropriate biller code and your unique customer reference number which can be obtained from the Client Service Centre or from a recent notice (including your Welcome Pack) issued by Zurich.

  • Employer /Superannuation Guarantee contributions
    Biller code: 787887

  • Employer - Additional contributions
    Biller code: 225912

  • Salary Sacrifice contributions
    Biller code: 225870

  • Personal contributions
    Biller code: 787879

  • Self-employed contributions
    Biller code: 787895

  • Spouse contributions
    Biller code: 787861

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