The rains are coming!

Be prepared - unusual weather conditions are coming together to deliver intense localised rainfall later this week across Victoria, New South Wales and parts of Queensland.

A low pressure system is likely to develop over northern South Australia on Friday 9 January, extending tropical moisture southeastwards over Victoria, extending north to New South Wales and Queensland over the weekend. The map from the Bureau of Meteorology shows the predicted total rainfall over the 8 days from Tuesday 6 January. The most intense falls are in the tropical north, but significant falls are also predicted for the southern states.

The risk to property is from localised flash flooding and/or water ingress due to blocked or ineffective gutters and drains.

Zurich Risk Engineering recommends you take the following steps as a minimum:

  • Ensure gutters and down pipes are clear of dirt and debris.
  • Cut back overhanging foliage where possible.
  • Ensure that yard areas are cleared of waste and debris that could be washed into drains.
  • Inspect the roof and repair broken tiles, loose cladding and seal all identified leaks.

You may also want to develop a flood plan for future events.

Zurich Risk Engineering has developed a ‘Guide to Flood Preparation’ which is available for you to download below.


Flood Contingency Planning

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