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Zurich provides credit card insurance and debit card insurance to a number of card providers.

To find out more about the insurance available with your credit card or debit card, please select from the following card providers:

Paris, France, State of Emergency – Terrorist attack

Mr Francois Hollande, President of France, has declared a state of emergency across France. This is in a response to the terrorist attacks in Paris. All borders of France have been closed. As a result it is expected that disruptions to travel plans will remain foreseeable.

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Mt Rinjani, Lombok Volcanic Ash Cloud

Insurance benefits provided under Zurich policies for certain credit cards, will only cover unexpected cancellation of travel arrangements. For any travel arrangements booked on and from 3 November 2015, the risk of disruption or cancellation to those travel arrangements is not an unexpected matter, as the risk is foreseeable. Accordingly, cover is not available for any cancellation or expenses resulting from, or associated with, the volcanic eruptions of Mount Rinjani, including disruptions or cancellation due to ash clouds. 

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Mt Raung, East Java Volcanic Ash Cloud

Benefits for International Travel/Overseas Travel Insurance are not provided for all cards. Please refer to your credit or debit card insurance booklet for a full explanation of the benefits provided and to confirm your eligibility for the insurances.

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