Purchase cover/Purchase security claims

Cover for many new personal goods purchased using an eligible credit or debit card that have been damaged, stolen or lost.  Appropriate paperwork must be submitted with a claim. 

Conditions of cover will vary depending on the type of card. Please refer to your Policy booklet for the details of your cover.

Please ensure you provide the following information and documentation:

  • Your monthly credit card statement showing the following:
    • Accountholder’s full name and address (ie statement’s front page)
    • Purchase of the item being subject to this claim
  • Purchase receipt
  • If you have additional insurance for this item, a letter from this insurer advising their liability for the subject loss/damage.

If items damaged

You need to have the item examined by its manufacturer’s authorised service agent, who is to prepare a report stating:

  • The item’s make and model number
  • Description of the damage and the cause of the damage
  • Quote to repair the damage.

If items lost/stolen

You must include the following:

  • Police report, or report number if hard copy not issued
  • Letter from the relevant authority stating that the loss was reported to them.

Note: If you don’t provide what is required your claim may be delayed or not paid.

Purchase Cover Claim Form

Type: pdf (1.0Mb)

Where to send your form

Submit the claim form with associated documents (use checklist to identify the appropriate documents) by sending to:

Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited

Credit Card Claims Services

Locked Bag 2138
North Sydney NSW 2059


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