Claims testimonials from Zurich clients

Whether a claim is small or large, simple or complex, Zurich provides the care and support that businesses need. We don’t just settle the claim, we minimise the disruption and impact an incident has on your business. With Zurich, businesses can be confident that they are protected by Zurich’s global strength and financial security. We’ll be here to pay your claim.

Have a look at our testimonials to see what people have to say about our service when disaster strikes.

To know that we were going to be able to supply the things that our customers needed at the time that they needed them, I felt like Zurich was my knight on a white horse. [They] just came through and saved the day. Suddenly it went from feeling that this is the end of our business, we're going to have to look for something else to do ... and suddenly we were back - we were redeemed.
Joanna Jreije, Owner - Baby Today

We received the call from Andor on the Saturday morning, and we had an assessor on site here on Saturday to view the damage. Through liaising with the manager from Zurich we were able to have payment in the clients account by the Tuesday so they could get their repairs underway.
Sandra O’Donnell, Markey Group

The value of insurance to us is obvious - it’s a no-brainer - the value of having Zurich as our insurer to me was exceptional at that time, and continues to be so.
John Smith, Managing Director - Andor Systems

Our experience with Zurich has been marvellous. I think what this has shown us is that the degree of service is really critical, and that can vary - and there have been some rather unpleasant stories come out about insurance companies as a result of the storm ... and when you're in a situation like this - where you're trying to keep your people gainfully employed, you're trying to re-establish your business, rebuild your turnover - the last thing you need is to be having a debate with your insurance company. Now, we didn’t have to have such a debate ... in fact the level of cooperation [from Zurich] was beyond what I could have reasonably expected.
Paul Hughes, Managing Director – Wes Hughes Timber