Zurich Australia's Property insurance options

Type of cover What this cover provides How to purchase

Business Insurance

Enables you to conveniently tailor-make one insurance policy to protect your business. With Zurich you can select from our range of business insurance options to suit your business needs. Through an insurance broker Find out more

Strata Insurance

Zurich has now ceased offering strata policies and we will cease renewing strata policies with policy renewal dates effective as of 15 March 2016.

All existing strata policies will remain valid and in force until their scheduled expiry date.

All claims will be managed in the normal process.

For further information please contact your broker.

Business Interruption Insurance

Provides cover for losses arising from interruption or interference to the business following Plant or Equipment failure and works in conjunction with the Zurich Engineering Plant Insurance or Zurich Electronic Insurance Policies, to protect profits that would be affected by Insured Damage. Through an insurance brokerFind out more

Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Suitable for enterprises with assets generally greater than $10 million. We prefer writing business within the manufacturing area where your risk engineering, financial and claims experience is above average. Through an insurance brokerFind out more