Port Operator Liability

Port operators occupy a unique position in the global logistics chain which exposes them to a wide variety of liability risks. As well as both marine and land based risks, they are also exposed to both international and domestic legal regimes. The service offered by port operators is often a diverse combination of landlord and operational services which include marine traffic control, cargo handling and storage facilities, security services, emergency response services, environmental protection, channel maintenance, advisory services, residential and commercial development, and provision of public facilities.

Zurich has developed a package of insurance and risk management services which is designed to provide a comprehensive insurance solution for Port Operators liability exposures. We have a number of specialists experienced in port risk and insurance including risk engineers, maritime lawyers, specialist underwriters and average adjusters.

Our package of insurance and risk management services designed to provide a comprehensive insurance solution for port operators.

  • Liability to third parties including property damage and personal injury
  • Liability for landlord related services
  • Liability for operational services including pilotage, towage, marine traffic control and stevedoring
  • Fines and penalties
  • Liabilities and expenses arising from a pollution incident
  • Liabilities arising from errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
  • Wreck removal
  • Legal defence and other costs.

Optional cover available for:

  • Consultancy services liability
  • Berth and port blockage
  • Port vessel including hull and P & I
  • Infringement of personal rights liability.

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Zurich Port Operators Liability has:

  • Easy to understand plain English wording
  • Industry recognised specialist port expertise
  • Flexible and tailored package of insurance and risk management services.



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