Annual Marine Cargo Insurance

This annual marine cargo product is for businesses with a turnover of over $20M pa. If your turnover is less than $20M pa, please see our Annual Marine Cargo Insurance page for small to medium business.

Annual marine cargo is subject to an annual premium based on the value of all shipments that the insured is responsible to insure. It is the simplest and most convenient way to cover the insured’s import and export risks.

Our Annual Marine Cargo policy has a broad, market-leading and competitive cover incorporating internationally recognised Institute Clauses with our own special conditions and additional clauses.

Cargo is insured for loss or damage during import, export and within Australia transit.

Stock and equipment at exhibitions or while on display can also be covered under the policy.

How to apply

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  • Removal of debris with a limit of $50,000
  • Container demurrage charges – a new cover with simple wording
  • Difference in coverage – a new additional cover
  • Exhibitions and demonstrations cover – broader cover and limit of $200,000
  • Hotel/motel clause – for hotel/motel stays in Australia and New Zealand
  • Re-consigned or re-shipped clause – includes goods re-consigned to any port in Australia or New Zealand
  • Sorting charges – a new additional cover
  • Container liability – a new clause.


  • More than 20 additional clauses augmenting cover under Institute Clauses to deliver superior cover
  • Protection for goods when they are imported, exported or distributed locally
  • Premium is by an initial deposit that is calculated on estimated sendings and adjusted at the end of each policy period, no need for individual declarations.


Annual Marine Cargo Insurance Policy

Type: pdf (903Kb)

Effective date: 31 August 2013

Annual Marine Cargo Insurance Policy (Incorporating Institute Clauses)

Type: pdf (1.0Mb)

Effective date: 31 August 2013

Marine Cargo Proposal

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Businesses with Zurich's authority can

 >>  issue certificates of marine insurance.

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