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Case study 1: Evan

Evan, the director of a marketing firm, took his wife Karen and two young children, Andrew and Jane, to Los Angeles for a family holiday. Whilst enjoying a day at one of the local theme parks, Jane tripped whilst running for one of the rides and hit her head on the pavement.

Later that day Jane complained of feeling dizzy and was very lethargic, so she was taken to the local medical centre. After multiple tests Jane was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with an aneurysm on her brain.

Her condition was very serious, and the cost of her medical expenses was estimated at nearly $150,000 AUD. Jane spent several weeks in a LA hospital before she and her family were able to return home to Australia and Jane eventually fully recovered from her injuries.

As Evan’s firm had purchased a Zurich Corporate Travel policy which automatically includes pure leisure travel for company directors and their accompanying spouse and dependent children, Jane’s medical expenses, the family’s cancellation and other additional expenses incurred whilst Jane was in hospital and the repatriation costs were fully covered under the company’s policy.

Case study 2: Brian

Brian worked in Australia for a Multinational company based in London UK. Recently he travelled to Munich for their annual conference, attended by the heads of each of the countries within the group.

Following the two day conference Brian was to travel to London to negotiate a contract with a new client of the firm which would potentially contribute 40 per cent of their sales for the next financial year.

When the conference finished he travelled to the airport for his flight to London to find that all flights were cancelled due to ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland which covered most of Europe. After incurring additional accommodation costs at a premium rate it became clear that he may be grounded for weeks.

Following many hours trying to find alternate transport he took the drastic step of organising a hire car to drive him the 1075 km to London. The cost was $5,800 AUD.

Once in London he again had to wait a further 3 more days before Heathrow airport opened and he could board a plane to return home. After reimbursements from the airlines he estimated that the unforeseen event had cost his company an additional $10,000 AUD in additional costs.

Under Zurich’s Corporate Travel Insurance, Brian would have been provided with access to Zurich Assist 24 hours a day while he was travelling. The additional costs incurred as a result of this incident could be covered by the policy.

Important information
The case studies above are examples only of the types of situations that could be covered under a Zurich Corporate Travel Insurance policy. The examples are not descriptions of real people and your insurance cover will depend on the policy that you have taken out. Please refer to the full terms and conditions of your policy for details of your cover.

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