Chauffeur Vehicle Insurance

Zurich Chauffeur Vehicle Composite Cover Insurance is designed for SME customers with one or more vehicles licensed to operate as Chauffeur Driven Limousines/ Hire Vehicle and are approved by the Department of Transport, Roads and Traffic Authority or any other appropriate Regulatory Body.

Chauffeur Vehicle Composite Cover Insurance protects your business against losses related to owning and operating Chauffeur Driven Limousines / Hire vehicles. This can be a loss to one of the insured vehicles (breakdown, theft, accident), or a loss to a third party that the business is liable for due to owning or operating the vehicle involved.

Vehicles that fall under Chauffeur Driven Limousines/ Hire Vehicles may include:

  • Statesman
  • Caprice
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Audi

including stretch limousines.

How to apply

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  • Two year vehicle replacement
  • Customised wording for chauffeur industry including enhanced limits for customers and drivers personal property
  • Hire vehicle cost enhanced limits (following theft $5,000) / (following accident $3,000)
  • Optional Downtime cover up to $55, $125 or $200 per day, to maximum per event amounts of $3,000, $4,000 or $5,000 respectively
  • Full General Liability cover not related to use of vehicle including cover for home office, tenancy of office premises and any private work in connection with your business of hiring your vehicle for reward
  • Liability cover to include customer’s entering or exiting your vehicles (CTP Gap coverage)
  • Choice of repairer.

Please review the Zurich Chauffeur Vehicle Composite Cover Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for full details of the cover provided, including the policy wording, extensions, excesses and exclusions.



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