Zurich has ceased offering CTP Green Slips in NSW

Zurich ceased offering CTP Green slips in NSW on 1 March 2016.



Existing policies

There is no impact on existing Zurich CTP policies.  All existing CTP policies will remain valid and in force until their expiry dates.

CTP policies that expire on or after 1 March 2016

If your CTP policy expires on or after 1 March 2016, Zurich will separately notify you shortly before your policy expires that it will not be offering you the option to renew your CTP policy with Zurich. 

You will need to change to another insurer for your future CTP Green Slip in NSW policy.

We advise you to speak to speak to your insurance broker to assist with your future CTP policy needs. If you do not have an insurance broker you can access the Green Slip Calculator at www.greenslips.nsw.gov.au for information on how to purchase your next CTP policy.



Zurich’s exit from the CTP Green Slip market in NSW has not impacted its claims process.

Claims are managed in the normal process.

If you would like further information regarding a claim:

Phone: 1800 424 108

Email: ctp.claims.support@zurich.com.au 



Get in touch

If you would like further information about a policy please get in touch with us. You can contact your normal Zurich point of contact or

Phone: 1800 811 099

Email: greenslips@zurich.com.au

Broker access through Z.stream

Brokers can access information around existing and 2015 CTP policies through Z.stream.


Zurich CTP Driver At Fault Policy Wording

Type: pdf (1.1Mb)

Effective date: 7 June 2015