Transportation Insurance

Professionally managed transportation companies require a long-term insurance partner that understands the intricacies of the trucking business, provides value-added risk engineering services, and has extensive experience handling and mitigating claims.

Zurich can offer all this.

How to apply

Insurance Broker

Get a quote or apply through an insurance broker

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An insurance broker can help to
determine the most appropriate
insurance for your business needs.


  • Industry leaders - Zurich are leaders in Motor Fleet Insurance and Marine Insurance and can offer a complete solution for the transportation industry.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience
    • In-depth understanding of the Australian transportation industry
    • Expertise in handling all forms of transport risks
    • Experienced risk engineering fleet specialists.
  • Dedicated specialists
    • Underwriters with the experience, deep understanding and technical expertise to understand complex transportation accounts
    • Risk engineers who can create individually tailored risk management programs for clients.
  • Fast fair claims services
    • Dedicated claims service managers who will meet with you to develop a collaborative and customised claims handling agreement
    • Collaborative claims settlement approach that recognises how important it is for you to get your trucks back on the road and on with their business as soon as possible after a loss.

Value-added solutions

  • Risk Assessment: Our team of risk engineers can review your fleet management systems for gaps and areas of improvement.
  • Z Fleet Navigator: a secure web-based claims reporting, analysis tool, designed to assist you with identifying incident-type frequency losses, cost analysis, trends. Read our Z fleet navigator flyer (pdf 755 kb).
  • Virtual Risk Manager: a unique web-based driver safety management system, designed to assist you to manage your occupational road risk and promote a crash-free culture within your organisation. Read our Virtual Risk Manager flyer (pdf 194 kb), and the Motor Fleet Risk Assessment flyer (pdf 119 kb).
  • Fatigue Risk Management: to assist you with developing your own specific operational fatigue exposures. Read our Fatigue Management flyer (pdf 1.1 Mb).
  • Managed Claims: Zurich can manage claims on your behalf when you elect to take the Aggregate option.
  • A web-based tool that provides insight into the main risk factors that are assessed by our risk engineers, including the many positive physical protections and management controls that can be used to remove, reduce or control these risks.
  • Zurich Fleet Intelligence: Zurich has partnered with certain telematic providers to provide a cost effective integrated telematic service that is linked to Virtual Risk Manager to provide user friendly reporting metrics.


insurance broker

What are the benefits of an insurance broker?

Good advice is about defining your goals, both immediate and long term, and recommending solutions that fit your circumstances to achieve those goals.

Good advice can:

  • Give you direction & control
  • Save time
  • Manage your risks
  • Stop you making expensive mistakes
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Protect your business
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Risk Management

Zurich have specialised risk management capabilities in the following related fields:

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