Smart risk management around smart cars and connected vehicles

Smart car technologies and connected vehicles are capturing the attention of companies that manage their own fleet. These technologies offer companies a new set of tools that can help improve safety, reduce fleet operational cost, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

Consider these possibilities:

  • Driving patterns of individual drivers can be detected, allowing you to address unsafe behaviours with appropriate supervisory and management-related actions.
  • Monitoring fleet vehicles, driving patterns and routing can help reduce costs associated with fuel, maintenance and insurance, and discourage employee drivers from using company vehicles for personal reasons.
  • Vehicle data can be shared with insurance providers for the purpose of refining rates and coverage costs.
  • Tracking technologies can help law enforcement locate and recover stolen vehicles. Recent advancements make it possible for law enforcement bodies to take over and control a vehicle, apprehending the thieves in the process.


As vehicle owners, companies have some challenging questions to think about, particularly those surrounding the issues of privacy and liability, such as:

  • What information do you have the right to collect?
  • How long should you keep the information?
  • What are the consequences and potential liabilities of not monitoring drivers and vehicles?
  • Could a plaintiff’s solicitor sue your company for not exercising “reasonable control” or for negligence?


While the liability issues will continue to unfold in the courtroom, one thing is certain: Smart car technology is here to stay, and like all emerging risks, the key will be to optimise the potential advantages while building a solid risk management strategy around the potential exposures.

Technology advances a lot faster than the impact can be fully analysed, quantified or regulated. Zurich will keep monitoring the risks associated with emerging technology, and share insights along the way.

Download Advisen’s Report developed specifically for Zurich to gain more insights on risks and safety, security and privacy considerations.

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Source: Advisen Report commissioned by Zurich Insurance, 2014