Zurich Cyber-risk report released

The release of Zurich's new strategic report The Beyond Data Breaches: Global Interconnections Of Cyber Risk breaks new ground in thought leadership on cyber risk.

The cyber-risk report, a result of a 12 month study led by The Atlantic Council, a leading forum for promoting constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs, suggests cyber risk will get worse before it gets better and, all too often, the management of those risks is dangerously mismatched to the dangers facing us.

With the internet becoming increasingly coupled with the real world, the nature of cyber risk is undergoing a fundamental change ... only with a holistic view on risk we are able to build resilience to the changed cyber risk environment.

Zurich believes that in order to protect business and communities from cyber risks and leverage the benefits of the cyber world with confidence, the private and public sectors need to work together based on an in-depth understanding of the nature and evolution of the underlying risks. This is why Zurich together with industry partners and public officials engage in discussions to establish a more robust regulatory and legal framework.