Rewarding career options

We have many rewarding career opportunities for talented professionals and are committed to your career development and ongoing education. So if you decide to further your career in another role, business unit or country, we’ll help you with the training to get there.

Our functions are incredibly diverse here’s some of what we do.


Actuaries help our business succeed by making sense of the world of statistical probabilities. They are the experts when it comes to dealing with the complex mathematics that form the foundation of the insurance business.

Actuaries analyze historical trends, weigh up risks and create models that allow the business to make sound strategic decisions. They turn raw data into real business insights that enable our Life and General Insurance customers to identify, manage and finance their risks.

Actuaries require a strong mathematical background as well as good business insight and judgment. If you have or are interested in developing these skills, odds are that an actuarial career is for you.


Claims professionals

When customers buy insurance from Zurich, they're investing in a promise that we'll be there for them. Our Claims professionals play a key role in delivering on this promise in the critical moments when our customers need us most.

We employ over 8,000 talented Claims professionals in 60 countries in our General Insurance business divisions. There are also more than 10,000 people working in our Farmers Claims business.

Zurich Claims offers many rewarding career opportunities for Claim Assistants, Claim Handlers, Claim Inspectors and Lawyers, as well as positions in fraud prevention, vendor program negotiation and quality assessment. Experienced managers and leaders are also important to providing an excellent Claims service for our customers – as well as promoting the growth and development of our staff.

Claims professionals are usually:

  • Service-oriented people who are driven to help others
  • Creative problem solvers and innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers
  • Collaborative relationship builders

If you enjoy working closely with people, thrive on responsibility and are a keen analytical thinker, a career as a Claims professional is worth considering.

Finance specialists

In business as in life, no endeavour can succeed without sound financial planning, reporting and analysis. Our Finance specialists provide the clarity and knowledge the business needs to make important decisions that foster growth and ensure our competitive edge.

Finance specialists offer support to such diverse business areas as new product development, business projects and reinsurance and investments. There are many opportunities available to qualified, talented finance professionals:

  • Group Treasury and Capital Management manages our liquidity needs and capital requirements and works with the capital markets.
  • The Group Controller Department oversees accounting and Zurich's Internal Control Framework, which deals with navigating the complex, constantly-changing regulatory environment and ensuring the effectiveness of our business and financial processes.
  • Group Tax is responsible for ensuring that our income tax reporting meets International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions performs due diligence and offers solutions for customers involved in these transactions.
  • Investor Relations and Ratings Agencies manage these key relationships and answers questions from analysts and investors about our performance.
  • Group Operations, Planning and Performance Management (GOPPM) works to get the right balance between long- and short-term planning, fine-tuning our performance metrics and driving Zurich's Operational Transformation initiative.

Rewarding career opportunities for Finance specialists are available in our Farmers, North America Commercial, Europe General Insurance, Global Life and Global Corporate divisions.

Human Resource professionals

HR professionals at Zurich are customer-oriented and focus on being easy to do business with and knowledgeable in our areas of expertise. Human Resources impacts positively on the business in disciplines such as recruiting, development and talent planning by partnering with business leaders to support the achievement of company goals.

Human Resources offers varied and exciting opportunities and builds a range of professional skills and capabilities through three types of roles:

  • HR specialists work with specific areas of expertise such as compensation and learning
  • HR business partners build relationships with managers to support them in managing their people to turn strategy into business results
  • HR operations provide the critical day-to-day support needed to run our business.

For dedicated professionals, HR offers a team environment, customer focus and a strong drive to support Zurich’s strategy.

Information Technology

Modern businesses can no longer afford to think of IT as just another internal service provider. Information technology now plays such an important, integral role in business success that it is increasingly seen as a strategic partner.

This is certainly the view at Zurich. As part of a global enterprise, Zurich IT is focused on working with business divisions to evolve the IT landscape and help the company meet its short- and long-term goals.

Technologies are in constant flux. Globalization throws up new legal and regulatory challenges. At Zurich, our IT specialists around the world work together to address rapid changes and meet the needs of our service-oriented business in the face of these challenges. And our commitment to continuous learning and development means Zurich IT staff stay on top of future trends and emerging technologies – so we can continue to provide the level of service our customers expect.

Zurich IT offers rewarding career opportunities in

  • Operations
  • Global Service Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Architecture
  • Risk
  • Planning and Performance Management
  • Process and Quality Management

Marketing and Communications specialists

Marketing and Communications specialists help us to achieve business objectives in chosen markets across the globe. They do this by building capabilities in understanding customer needs and generating insights, relating them to superior value propositions for customers, intermediaries, employees, investors, opinion leaders and journalists, and delivering a differentiating and compelling message.

It's a great role for outgoing, bright people who want to work with a strong global brand.

Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering is one of the most crucial roles in the insurance business. Our Risk Engineers work all across the globe to identify and improve the management of technical risk for our customers. We aim to ensure their business success by preventing large losses and supporting business continuity.

Risk Engineering allows underwriters to price risks correctly through assessment, benchmarking and portfolio analysis. Risk Engineers also contribute to claims reduction through loss avoidance, mitigation, and helping to minimize unjustified payments, all of which help Zurich to operate effectively and profitably.

Sales and Distribution specialists

Sales and Distribution specialists are on the frontline of profitable growth. Their primary aim is to ensure that Zurich delivers the level of high service that customers and distributors expect.

Sales and Distribution functions vary from country to country, as do the roles on offer. Opportunities can range from Client Service Officers, business development managers, associates and assistants,  customer care managers, proposition specialists to regional managers or sales managers.

The responsibilities of Sales and Distribution specialists are also incredibly diverse. They range from analyzing customer needs and giving advice to promoting products and services, recruiting and coaching new agents, acquiring and supporting independent distributors, managing and developing commercial activities, defining business goals and budgets and sales management and control. We use all channels of distribution - including IFAs, brokers, banks, tied and independent agents and other partnerships - as well as serving customers directly.

If you enjoy working with people and prefer a variety of responsibilities, you may want to become one of our Sales and Distribution specialists.


Underwriters evaluate risks and determine the prices and terms of agreeing to cover – or underwrite – those risks. They then work with people inside and outside the company to provide the right insurance to the right customer.

Underwriters try to out-perform the markets through superior risk selection and pricing. This means they have to know how to identify only well-managed, quality risks that the business can insure profitably. Zurich covers insurance risks for individuals, such as damage to private property, and businesses, such as a fire or other expensive catastrophe.

Of course, some risks are greater than others, in terms of both chances of them happening and their potential cost. Once our underwriters have assessed the risks involved, they decide whether to cover them and under what conditions, including premiums and excesses.